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Trade-in | Trade-up

A truly unheard of event! First of its kind in MODIA history! Get up to 50% of the original purchase price!

Offer Valid Thru JANUARY 31, 2017!
Trade in your obsolete TVs, Speakers, Receivers, Amplifiers, and Processors for the latest and greatest technology you always wanted to own! Not restricted to like exchanges !!
  • Purchased in 2005 55" LG LCD for $3000 10% Trade-In value
  • Purchased in 2004 Onkyo Stereo Receiver for $1000 40% Trade-In value
  • Purchased in 2003 Klipsch Speaker for $800 50% Trade-In value
  • Latest 2015 model 65" Samsung 4K Curved TV $1900
    after Trade-In
  • Latest 2015 model Denon Dolby Atmos 9.2 ch Receiver $1600
    after Trade-In
  • Latest 2015 model Bowers & Wilkins Bookshelf Speakers $1200 pr.
    after Trade-In

Here's how it works :
1. Bring your old gear to MODIA location near you.    2. Select the products you wish to upgrade to.     3. Consult MODIA representative to find out Trade-In value.

Fill out the information below and submit.

-------------------- Customer Details --------------------

-------------------- DESCRIBE YOUR OLD GEAR --------------------

  • Original Packaging
    Remote + Accessories
    Condition of the product

-------------------- PRODUCT YOU WISH TO TRADE FOR --------------------

  • Describe product if you do not know make or model
  • Disclaimers :Old gear can’t be traded for any APPLE or SONOS products. Products to be traded for must be selected prior to receiving trade-in value for your old gear and it must be twice as much your Trade-In value. Old gear to be traded must be in working condition with essential accessories to allow operation of the products; i.e. remote control. Trade-in value can’t be redeemed in cash or gift card. Trade-in value must be used to purchase upgraded products. Trade-in values shown above are just examples. The % trade-in values should not be used to calculate actual trade-in value for your gear. MODIA reserves the right to not accept models for trade-in which were manufactured prior to year 2000.



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